“Agent Charlie” Mission Reports 

Date February 15, 2021

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CONWAY, SC – November 16, 2020 –  Baby Charlie is no ordinary bundle of joy. This kid is a special agent with a sly sense of humor and a series of missions to complete, often at his unwitting parents’ – Smooth and Bristles - expense.  


Charlie is the real-life little one of Peter Medawar, who is the inaugural “Storyteller in Residence” for A Father’s Place. Medawar donated Agent Charlie’s “dossiers” to A Father’s Place after reading about the work the agency does helping fathers and families.  


A new “dossier” will be released every couple of weeks. Charlie’s investigations and missions become more complex as his motor skills, vocabulary and love for the clever double entendre grow. 


Agent Charlie explained: “Fathers! Your kids are funnier than you. Enjoy your mistakes, cherish your children’s wonder and know that being a good father is the most rewarding thing you can ever do.” 


Those words of wisdom from tender tot Charlie underline the A Father’s Place goal of helping any man become the very best father he can be to his children. 


“The stories literally made us laugh out loud,” said Wallace Evans, Jr., CEO of A Father’s Place. “They embrace the fatherhood journey and parent-child bonding in a really fun, really unique way.”  


A Father’s Place is publishing the stories on its just-launched “Dad Stories” blog at www.afathersplacesc.wordpress.com. Not only are the “Agent Charlie” mission reports delightful to read, but they also shine a spotlight on how important having a loving, involved and responsible father is for every child.  


“Fathers play a primary role in the healthy development of their children,” Evans said. “Love and support from both parents is crucial, but a father uniquely contributes to the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of his child.” 


For more information and to follow in the journey, visit us at www.AFathersPlace.org or contact Lyn Rumage at lrumage@scfathersandfamilies.com


About the author:  

Peter Medawar is a native of North London UK, now living in a Mediterranean harbor.  


Medawar has written the vampire novella Login: Dracula, and two collections of “true or false” short stories, Hemingway’s Chihuahua and Picasso on the Beach, featuring the misadventures of Freddie Mercury, Isaac Newton, Bruce Lee and Queen Elizabeth II.        



About A Father’s Place:  

A Father’s Place (AFP) is a locally unique, father-focused, non-profit serving men in Horry, Georgetown, Marion and Williamsburg counties. AFP is part of a network of six fatherhood engagement initiatives across the state under the auspices of the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families. The program serves as a national model and is renowned for its goal-oriented curriculum with quantifiable results. A Father’s Place has offices in Conway, Myrtle Beach and Georgetown and has served local families for 20-plus years.   


A Father’s Place / 1800 Racepath Ave, Conway, SC 29527 / Ph: 843.488.2923 / Fax: 843.248.2924  

“Agent Charlie” Mission Reports