Men’s Health

For fathers, and men in general, personal health often takes a backseat to obligations of children, family and making ends meet.

Many suffer from depression and medical conditions made worse by the stress of unemployment and threats of going to jail for not paying child support. In surveys, these fathers say their trust in healthcare professionals is low.

Men's health is a curriculum component to help fathers. 

  • We provide health education, screenings and other healthcare services
  • We increase access to prescription drugs and other medical treatments
  • We show how good health is critical to being a good father
  • We reduce resistance to seeing caregivers and getting treatment

Our health curriculum includes diet and exercise, stress management, substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases.

Our goal: Good health becomes part of daily life, not something neglected until dads get sick.

In providing access to healthcare, we’re breaking down barriers.

  • Creating trust—so fathers feel comfortable, not judged
  • Reducing wait time—with access to a nurse practitioner when care is needed
  • Making connections –between good health and better quality of life
  • Providing links—through group education led by our nurse practitioner and to affordable community resources for more extensive care