Father Focus

Meet Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson, a June 2019 graduate of A Father’s Place, has proven to be a model AFP participant.  Adrian came into the program working in a fast food restaurant because that was the only employment available to him at the time. He and his wife were expecting a new child and he knew had to have income necessary to take care of his family. 


Adrian knew in his heart he wanted to work as a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician.  He enrolled in Horry-Georgetown Technical College.  He applied for financial aid which he received but learned it would not cover the total cost of his schooling.  


His AFP Employability Coach introduced him to a coordinator for the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA). After an orientation with WIOA he applied for assistance and was accepted.  WIOA paid the balance of his tuition, as well as, all books and supplies.  He was elated.


Adrian has one brother who continued to be a negative influence on the family. It appeared he has no respect for his relatives, especially his mother.  He held his mother responsible for his most recent prison incarceration.  As he left for prison he vowed to “get even” with his mother upon return. 

Adrian says he had a lot to contend with, a pregnant wife, difficult instruction in school, a mother who was stressed out and a vengeful brother. He was dismayed at the possibility of failing in the precursor to his dream career.

Well, the day came when his brother was released.  He went straight to his mom’s house and moved in with her against her wishes. She expressed her fears and anxieties to Adrian who promised never to let any harm come to her.  Adrian took a trip to his mother’s house and stood up to his brother, convincing him that he was an intruder who invaded the privacy of a committed mother who saved his life by allowing him to serve prison time. His brother apparently took heed and vacated without doing any harm to his mother.

To his amazement Adrian’s grades did not suffer in the least. He performed exceptionally well in school.  He did so well he was hired right out of the class.  He was able to leave the restaurant and begin working on the job of his dreams.


Adrian was about to realize his dream of becoming a certified HVAC technician when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. All schools were shut down immediately.  “I wondered, what will I do? I am so close,” he said.  Adrian’s instructor offered him the opportunity to complete online.  Adrian was relieved, but he found the online classes to be rough. He really missed the interaction from his classmates.  But Adrian is not a quitter and he stuck it out until the end.


In May of this year, Adrian successfully completed the requirements for his Associate of Science Degree in HVAC and did so with a 3.6 GPA. Thanks to the guidance of AFP, assistance of WOIA, and his own person determination, Adrian has achieved a major life goal and, most importantly, is on a better career path for providing for his family, now and in the future.